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Aerospace Industry

Our team has manufactured parts for Boeing, as well as many second-tier aerospace companies. We are constantly striving to monitor and improve our quality systems, and have invested in top of the line inspection tools to make sure your manufactured items are as precise as the specs submitted.

With over 45 years of proven experience, our team has developed a successful track record for supplying products that are used on virtually every aircraft platform flying today. In order to achieve this longevity and success in such a demanding industry, we continually invest in talented and passionate personnel who will embrace and utilize the most current manufacturing technology that is available today. Our reinvestment program ensures that we will be putting the best equipment and processes in front of our great people. Our highly trained inspection staff follow strict protocols to ensure product consistency and adhere to job specs. We use and maintain electronic meteorology equipment.

Firearm Accessories

Our shops are proud to craft the most ruggedly dependable firearm accessories known to man. We've earned our reputation for uncompromising excellence, superior design, exacting tolerances, long-wearing durability - those are the standards by which we judge ourselves.

Our motivation is simple. America's service men and women, outdoor enthusiasts and members of the law enforcement community, deserve tools created by other Americans who share common ideas and the utmost pride of performance and continues to grow and strengthen consumer pride in premium quality American-Made products.

Medical Industry

When producing small, intricate parts for the various industries we serve, it's the power and precision of a company's CNC Swiss Micro/Miniature machining capabilities that puts the strength and overall quality into every part. We have a highly-specialized niche in using CNC Swiss turning technology with 8-axis capability to make the smallest of parts, with sizes typically in the range from 0.005 inch diameter to 1-1/4 inch diameter.

Parts produced include minimally-invasive surgical tools and surgical appliances, such as spinal implants, dental implants, laser and ultrasound parts, and critical contacts for Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs).

Quality Knife Parts

We make parts for a wide variety of knife manufactures. Without 5-axis vertical mills and horizontal mills, we have the capacity to provide you with just in time delivery and save you money when producing your parts. Our ability to design projects in-house paired with our analytical and machining expertise means a streamlined process as well as a thorough understanding of each project from start to finish.

Whether it's simple brackets or a complex Porsche racing intake system, we have the experience and equipment to take projects from concept to completion - working with designers of many of the parts we make, we know exactly where the accuracies need to be, and this saves a lot of time and stress for our customers. They don't have to wait for 1000 parts to be produced before identifying design errors. We know these things before the part hits the machine, and can accomplish all this cost effectively, which translates to a lower price for the finished product.

It's the power and precision of a company's CNC Swiss Micro/Miniature machining capabilities that puts the strength and overall quality into every part.

Recreational Parts

Since 1994, we have represented a group of shops that have machined parts for a wide variety of bike companies.

  • We provide quick turn around and make parts complete to print.
    • Our full-service shops give you the advantage.
    • Your personal attention is our priority.
  • We value the relationship we have with our customers and offer numerous in-house machining services to see that you get the job done, on time and delivered with the quality that you expect.
  • We are the problem solvers for your machining needs.

Consider us an extension of your manufacturing needs with the flexibility and creativity to work side by side with your success as our motivation.